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Country United States
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Occupations musician, DJ
Real name Richard Nakhonethap
Last update on: March 4, 2024

Richard Nakhonethap, known professionally as Knock2, is a DJ and producer who has become one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the electronic music space in recent years. Born in the United States, Knock2 hails from San Diego, California, and has Laotian heritage. He has been involved in music from a young age, starting to DJ around the age of 11 and falling in love with the craft, which led him to learn music production through YouTube tutorials.


Knock2's career took off with massive collaborations like 'radial' with ISOxo and 'What’s The Move' with Henry Fong. His track ‘dashstar*’ became an iconic bass house anthem, gaining traction without playlisting or live shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, the record began to take on a life of its own, receiving support from DJs such as DJ Snake, Tiesto, and Joyryde, and securing the 3rd slot on the year’s EDCLV most played list.

His debut self-released EP '2HEARTs' has been heralded as a classic among fans and tastemakers alike. Knock2's singles 'gettin’ hott' and 'PARANOiD' have also seen extensive DJ support and garnered millions of plays online. In 2022, Knock2 launched his debut headline show experience, 'Room202,' to a sold-out Los Angeles audience, prioritizing massive party energy and an intimate experience over high production concerts.

Knock2's 'Room 202 EP' was inspired by the old electro house that he grew up on, showcasing his range as a writer and producer with genre-bending moments. His music often centers around themes of love, togetherness, and positive energy. His art direction is heavily inspired by streetwear and hip-hop, with influences from SoCal and the West Coast.

In 2023, Knock2 embarked on his debut headline tour with the 'Room 202' concept, selling out all dates instantly. He made his festival debut at Coachella and Head in the Clouds NYC to overflowing crowds. With a mountain of anticipated IDs and collaborations with NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis, Knock2 is poised to become one of the biggest figures in the electronic music space.

Knock2's signing with 88rising marked the label's first foray into the electronic music space. He has expressed a desire to work with more artists across genres, including those on 88rising's roster, and to push dance music culture forward. His approach to music is to keep growing as an artist and showcasing his diversity in making music.

Personal Life

Outside of music, Knock2 finds inspiration in his friendships, skating, fashion, and exercise. As for his personal life, including details about his family, education, or relationships, Knock2 has kept this information private, focusing on his music and artistic expression. He is active on social media platforms, where he engages with his audience and shares updates about his music and projects.

Looking to the future, Knock2 is bringing his 'Room 202' experience to Europe, selling out his London show instantly, and is also performing at Lollapalooza Paris. With more music, curated shows, and unforgettable experiences on the horizon, Knock2 continues to chart his own course and break all the rules in the dance music world.

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