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  1. How to verify article
  2. How to edit article
  3. How to hide my article
  4. How to add article
  5. Still have a question!

1. how to verify article

1) Contact us through Facebook or Instagram using the account of the person mentioned in the article.

2) Confirm all the provided information in the article.

3) Optionally, you can suggest additions or request specific information to be hidden.

4) We respond promptly to all inquiries through social media.

5) The information on the website will be updated within 4 hours after contacting us through social media.

6) The page featuring your article will be marked with a special symbol:

NOTE: If you are an agency, a relative, or a close friend of the person featured in the article, you can also verify it. This is subject to the condition that you know them well enough and can confirm it through shared photos or other means.

2. how to edit article

1) Each article features a special "Edit this article" button:

1.1 Edit this article button

2) Upon clicking it, you will be directed to a window where you can specify how you want to modify the article, including what needs to be added or removed.

3) Every incoming request is reviewed by humans before the changes take effect. Therefore, please provide only verified information that you are confident about.

4) In the same form, you can specify the source of the information, provide a link, or leave your Facebook or Instagram profile so that we can verify that you know the person.

5) Changes will take effect within 24 hours after receiving the editing request.

NOTE: You can have complete control of your article. Once you join us, we'll provide you with credentials (ID and password). With these, you'll be able to edit your article instantly, manage images, hide/show your article at any time, and much more.

3. how to hide article

1) Contact us through Facebook or Instagram using the account of the person mentioned in the article.

2) Within 4 hours of your inquiry, we will hide your article.

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4. how to join

Stage 1 To become a part of UnveilGenius, reach out to us on Instagram or via email service [email protected]. Briefly describe your creative journey and your motivation to join.

Stage 2 Upon reviewing your profile, we'll send you a tailored form to fill out.

Stage 3 In the form, you can provide the information you'd like to share, eg. name, age, country, accomplishments, and more.

Stage 4 After a while, your profile will start appearing in Google searches, showcasing your unique talents.

5. i still have a question

1) If you have any questions, fill out the form, and we will receive your message instantly.

2) It is recommended to leave your contact information for further communication.

  • We'll get back to you as soon as possible if you provide your contact information.
  • Here you can reach out if you notice any inaccuracies in the article about a person or if you have questions about the content.
  • We are also open to collaboration and would be happy to consider any proposals.
  • Feel free to just say "hello" - we always welcome new connections and feedback.